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SESTO Rimless Smart Toilet

Thanks to the perfect combination of design and technology, you won’t need any more space than you would for a conventional toilet. Sesto, the compact sleek design, fits great in virtually any space and brings out a fantastic modern touch without compromising convenience, design, sustainability, or quality.




Water pressure requirement : 0.07-0.75Mpa
Water pressure regulation : 5 choices
Temperature regulation : 5 choices
Environment temperature : 0-40°C

WELS Star : 4 star 4.3/3.1L
The Rated Power : 220V-240V, 50Hz
Size : 592 * 400 * 424 mm
P Trap set out: 200mm

Function - Auto Flush , Spa Massage, Rimless


This Model includes air-gap assessed and found to comply with the requirements of AS 2845.2:2010. No futher BACKFLOW PREVENTION is required for this connection to water supply

SESTO Rimless Smart Toilet

GST Included
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